Monday, August 21

Let's Eclipse Hate Today

There's a total eclipse of the sun happening today. Sure, we can run into the streets and watch it, but we can do more.

We can eclipse hate today. Click here to read my thoughts on HuffPost.

What's your experience? JIM

Sunday, August 20

Luvs Loves Gay Dads

I wrote a piece for HuffPost about finding the "insight" and I used Luvs as the ultimate example. They've done a great job, for years, of understanding the difference between first-time and second-time parents.

The latest installment of their long-runing campaign features two gay dads...something that gives me great pride.

You can read my HuffPost article by clicking here. Or you can go straight to the new Luvs spot below.

What's not to love? What's your experience? JIM

Friday, August 18

Smog Bikes in Beijing

I've written before about how China is implementing innovative ways to fight smog, like the columns that suck in smog and spit out diamonds.

Well it looks like soon enough there will be bikes that suck in smog as well, making cyclists the latest do-good-er for the environment. And the bikes are being prototyped by the same company, Studio Roosegaarde from Holland, with a launch date aimed for end of the year 2017.

It's quite simple, actually. As the cyclists pedal their way down the street, the front of the bikes suck in and filter polluted air and then pushes it back out, right in front of their faces. Quite brilliant.

The firm also has a partner that provides bike sharing, to the tune of 6.5 million bikes in Asia and the UK, with their sights also set on the US. Amazing alignment.

The even more amazing part...not only are you NOT contributing to pollution by riding a bike but you are also making the air cleaner in the process. Doubly good.

Doing good never felt so good.

What's your experience? JIM

Tuesday, August 8

Martha's Meal Kits

Just recently, Amazon filed for a trademark to get into the meal kit business...looking to give Blue Apron a run for its money.

Well evidently Martha Stewart (yes she's alive and well) is already there with Martha & Marley Spoon...meal kits that get delivered to your door so you can pop together dinner for the evening.

"Cook Martha's Best Recipes," as the brand says.

A given for Martha fans for sure, and quite smart actually. Back in the day, her fan base could have easily supported this business and surely they are still banking on that happening.

But she's not alone in the space. There are tons of "make at home" options, with more popping up by the minute. I'm anxious to see how these various brands within the space start to differentiate themselves...because on a functional benefit basis they all appear to be the same.

Is "Martha" enough to win at this game?

And as I teach in my NYU class all the time, you're never going to win on functional benefits. It's the emotional benefits that make a brand, so it'll be interesting to see how the brand's leverage their various emotions.

What do you think? What's your experience? JIM