Monday, January 16

Reimagining Barbie's Shoes

File this under fabulous...fabulous brand equity that is.

Check out these amazing woman's shoes crafted from iconic Barbie doll shoes. Who can't remember those classic pumps, in virtually every color imaginable!?! These adult shoes are instantly recognizable and instantly heart-warming. Especially heart-warming if you were ever a fan of the brand because now you can still engage as an adult too.

Now that's an amazing brand, and a fabulous fashion statement too! Here's where to buy, if you're interested.

Warning:  they're a little more expensive than the ones that Barbie wears!

What's your experience?  JIM

Wednesday, January 11

What Will Happen to Brand Trump?

With Donald Trump about to take office, Politico decided to explore his presidency's affect on his brand. What will happen to Brand Trump, if you will.

And they asked me to weigh in! Click here to give it a read.

What's your experience? JIM

Branding in a Trump World

We've got a new #POTUS coming up, which could mean a whole new world for brands.

I put my thoughts down for here to give them a read. 

What's your experience? JIM

Tuesday, January 10

Starbucks Cups Created by You

I realize that this is a bit of old news, but I still find it fascinating and evergreen ... and I learned something new today that surprised me.

This year, Starbucks went all out for its annual red cup promotion for the holidays. Perhaps as a response to last year's minimalist approach, the brand had 13 different and very ornate versions of cups that we consumers could experience all season long.

What I didn't realize and just found out is that the cups were all designed by consumers!

As you may or may not know, the typical white Starbucks cup is a bit of a blank canvas for artists. Many use it to draw/self-express and many create wonderful works of art.

Starbucks capitalized on this phenomenon for the holidays and really expanded it out!

Gotta love it! What's your experience? JIM.