Thursday, July 24

Cheerios - #HowToDad

Now admittedly, there are a few flaws in this piece of marketing from Cheerios ... but this is one of the best representations of modern fatherhood that I have ever seen coming from a brand.  It's raw, it's fresh, and it's thorough.  It shows the complete picture of what it's like to be a Dad, from a brand that's all about childhood ... Cheerios.  It was a staple when my kids were young, that's for sure.

After years of bashing Dads, we've seen a trend happening where brands are embracing the role of Dad in the household ... in this case he's the primary caregiver, supporting the kids and the Mom.  To be totally honest, when my kids were this age, Dads were not represented in this manner.  Quite the contrary, and it got quite annoying.

It's awesome to see brands break out of what was the norm ... in an impeccably written story.  You just gotta see the narrative, as woven by Cheerios, for #HowToDad:

My favorite part:  When a rule is broken, we are the enforcement, but when a heart is broken we are the reinforcement.  I couldn't have said it better myself.

This is long form video, meant to be shared online.  There are also :15 second versions which I imagine may end up on broadcast and in online paid media.  They're troublesome for me, but that's ok, and the product integration is a little forced at the end.  But there's no doubt that the overall story is inspiring and real, and for that I want to thank the brand.

Thank you for representing me, for representing us.  Real Dads who do work work and home work.

British Airways - Look Up

I was at a conference this week where we were reviewing great creative from around the world ... particularly great creative that is fueled by technology.

There was one example that I thought was particularly interesting.  Yes, sure, the technology was very cool.  It made for a great experience.  But great creative is rarely about just the technology itself, it's almost always about the insight.  The technology simply enhances the story that brings the insight to life.

It's a cool installation from British Airways, where a billboard in London disrupts its current messaging to show a little boy looking up at a plane flying by and identifying where it's headed.

I can remember as a little kid, looking up at the sky to see a plane, wondering where it was headed.  Wanting to be on it, wanting to go to where ever it was headed.  It was curiosity and escapism at its finest.

The brand has captured that insight, with a creative expression that uses innovative technology.

Perfection.  Give it a look:

By the way, it also got a lot of social traction as pedestrians took videos and screen shots when the planes would fly over and then posted/shared them on their networks.  Great creative is designed to disrupt and get shared, and this certainly does that.

Also a pretty clever way to get a brand message in there as well, without being too product focused.  It becomes very clear that British Airways flies to a lot of international destinations.

What do you think?  What's your experience?  JIM.

Wednesday, July 23

Tamper Resistant Prescription Pads

I honestly haven't gotten a pharmaceutical prescription filled in a very long time.  I had read that there's been an epidemic of fraudulent scripts, as people use fake prescription pads to gain access to drugs, but I hadn't realized how much the pads had changed as a result.

They've become completely tamper resistant.

First of all there's a bar code on them now, keyed to the doctor who is authorized to write them out.  There's a unique serial number as well.

Plus if you try to photocopy it, a watermark appears rendering it invalid.

Now this does vary by state, but from what I understand most if not all of the states are following suit.

Pretty serious stuff for a serious problem.  These prescription pads have come a long way to help prevent a very serious issue.  Back in the day, pads could be easily stolen and photocopied, hence leading to the problem of fraudulent scripts.

I'm happy to see the advances to keep people safe.

What's your experience?  JIM.

Tuesday, July 22

Share a Coke

I love the summer, always have.  It's not just the long days and hot weather, but all of the summer-time activity that comes along with it.  There's always a big summer song, big summer movie, big summer concert series ... and always a big summer marketing campaign from a major brand.

This summer the limelight belongs to the "Share a Coke" campaign.

It's just plain 'ole fun to buy a Diet Coke with your name on it, or give one to a friend that says "BFF," or "Gorgeous," or "Family" on it.  And a brilliant move on the part of the brand to get us to buy that extra soda for a friend or to switch from another brand because our name is on it.  I know I've bought a lot more this summer as a result.

It's just pure fun, nothing more and nothing less.  The other phenomenon I've noticed is that people are taking shots of their cans or bottles and posting them on social media, especially Instagram.  Now many of them are taking those shots in store without making a purchase, but I have to believe that the behavior is still building the brand, and I'm betting the brand managers don't mind all that much.  It's putting the brand out into the social sphere in a very fun way.

I'm sure it's quite a feat to pull off the manufacturing and distribution of all those names, but it sure is worth it.  It's the campaign of the summer IMHO.

Have you shared a Coke?  What's your experience?  JIM