Friday, July 22

Presidential Barbie and Her Running Mate

Full disclosure...I'm a big fan of Brand Barbie. 

Just in time for both party's conventions this July, Mattel has introduced yet another Presidential Barbie as part of their lineup of careers.

This is certainly not the first Presidential Barbie, but the brand was quick to point out that this year's version is in no way an endorsement. That one left me scratching my head, to be honest. Why not!

But this election year there's a new Barbie also has a running mate and she's also a woman! Also not an endorsement, I am sure.

So you can get Presidential Barbie or you can get her paired up with her running mate. In all sorts of skin tones, rightly so.

I think it's fabulous. I just think it should have come along with an endorsement, not that I am personally voicing my own opinions. I just think if Barbie is going to be President, then she should support the woman that is currently running.

My two. What's your experience? JIM

Wednesday, July 20

Why You Should Know About Pokemon Go

The hottest thing since sliced bread hit our collective radar recently...Pokemon Go. Even if you're not a gamer, there are many reasons why you should know about this cultural phenomenon.

Click here to read my perspective on Entrepreneur.

What's your experience? JIM

RickRoll and Bae

I learned two new things this week in pop culture, proving that you can in fact teach an old dog new tricks.

The first is "bae." At first I thought it was a typo when I saw it in a powerpoint deck at work. Then I thought it was another nickname for Beyonce. But then my team schooled me that it's meant to designate a "significant other."

Better than "boo?" Definitely.

Short for "baby?" No. Oh.

Short for "before anyone else." Ohhh! Bae.

Then I learned about RickRolling, from none other than Milania Trump. Evidently RickRolling is when you indicate a link to some information but the link goes directly to the RickAstley song Never Gonna Give You Up. To the tune of 224million views!

To learn more about that, click here.

How fun is that!?!

Is this new to you too? What's your experience? JIM.