Tuesday, August 19

Lands' End

When it comes to marketing, the devil is in the details.  And data can certainly help you navigate those details and help you make good decisions.

Just ask Lands' End.

They recently sent out free magazine copies in their shipments, but apparently they didn't check the content carefully.  There were some covers that customers didn't think were brand-friendly, or family-friendly for that matter, and they got quite vocal.

Provocative magazine covers that may be suitable for some, but only if you have your targeting right.

And only if your customer data points you in the right direction in terms of what's appropriate to add to a shipment.

Here's the GQ cover that was added to many a shipment, with some customers getting quite upset:

The Moms in particular were quite vocal.

This is why we do CRM (customer relationship marketing) and this is why we use data to do it right.  To avoid these kinds of mistakes.  A free gift with purchase is a wonderful thing, but only if your customer thinks it's wonderful.

It's important to learn from each other.  The lesson here is to check your details twice.  Make sure everything is aligned towards what you know will add value to your customer.  Pay attention to the details.

What's your experience?  JIM.

Monday, August 18

Toyota Sing-Along

I love it when a brand taps into a known, acknowledged, and universal consumer behavior as a way to make a connection.

In this case, that behavior is our love of singing ... singing along to our favorite songs.  Also in this case, it's to launch a new hybrid car.

Sure, it could have been singing in the shower but in this case it's singing in the car.  I mean, who doesn't sing along in the car?  I've been caught at many a red light myself, as have my kids.  Let's face it, we all do it.

Well Toyota certainly gets it, so they embraced the fact and made it a way to draw attention to their new car.

The brand turned the center of Prague into a jukebox matrix, where each street was renamed for a classic pop hit.  Like "I Will Survive" Street. As consumers test drive the new Toyota Yaris hybrid car around the city center, at each turn the music in the car changes to the music that matches the renamed street.  Inside the car, a camera captures the sing-along fest, song by song.

Unless there's a picture, it didn't happen ... so here's the video proof.  Loads of fun!

Makes me want to jump in and sing, and drive that car around those streets!  Exactly the point.

What's your experience?  JIM.

Sunday, August 17

Old School Positioning

While there are many approaches to building a brand positioning, sometimes old school is still the best.

Here's a post I wrote for Entrepreneur where I put it to the test for a small business.

Give it a click here if you are interested.

What's your experience?  JIM.

Friday, August 15

Reebok's Human Billboards

Reebok is running an interesting promotion ... he who gets the biggest tattoo of the Reebok logo wins a year-long sponsorship deal.

It's a pretty cool engagement program for the Reebok CrossFit brand in Sweden.  ReebokForever, "Pain is temporary, Reebok is forever."

For one day, the brand is giving free tattoos to aficionados and fitness junkies ... and size matters because the biggest logo wins.  It'll be interesting to see who does win, and how big it really gets!

This isn't the first brand to try to create human billboards with human billboards via tattoos, just take a look at all the sports teams and how they try to get fans to billboard themselves.

Even Reebok did it last year at SXSW where a bunch of folks got free tattoos of the brand.

I guess it's the sign of true love if you are willing to permanently brand yourself, so indeed the brand should give something back in return.  A sponsorship deal isn't too bad.

Would you do it?  What's your experience?  JIM.